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 Board of Directors 

The Pauma Valley Community Services District is governed by a five-member board that is accountable to the electorate in the same manner as city councils and County Board of Supervisors.

Directors must be property owners as well as registered voters of the District and stand for election every four years.  The Board President and Vice-President are elected by the Board to serve a two-year term.

The Board of Directors sets policy that directs the activities of the Management Team of the District.  The General Manager of the District is appointed by the Board to oversee the activities of the District.

Written correspondence for the Board may be sent to:

Pauma Valley CSD
Board of Directors
33129 Cole Grade Road
Pauma Valley, CA  92061


The District's current Board Members are:



Director Bill Jacobs

Elected:  December 2018  •  Term Expires:  December 2022 

The PVCSD Board welcomes Bill Jacobs who, was born and raised in Massachusetts and relocated to California after college, in 1974.  Bill served in the Army Reserve during the late 60's.  Bill has a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineer degree.  Out of college, he relocated to California and worked for Bechtel as a Control Systems engineer.  In 1988, he began a career in Security Management, which spanned +32 years, until his corporate retirement in 2015.  In 1990, Bill tested and received one of the highest licenses in the security industry, a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) License #5679 from the State of California (since expired).


He holds 2 patents related to security and networked devices.  He has the unique qualifications of having held positions as an engineering manager for a Security Integration firm in the Bay Area, and as a Manager/Director of Security for Apple Computer, Borland International, and 15 years with Cisco Systems, Inc.  With his wife Lydia, they owned and operated a Security Consulting business from 1991-2015, specializing in risk management assessments, physical security design, guard operations, policy and procedures, and project management.


In 2014, Bill and Lydia moved to Pauma Valley from Bonsall, where they had lived for 10 years.  Bill and Lydia have 1 son and love this community. 


From 2016-2019, after retirement, Bill served as the Men's Tournament Chairman and sat on board of the Golf+Greens Committee at PVCC.  From April 2016-Jan 2020, he served on the board of the Pala-Pauma Community Sponsor Group, a group that reports to the San Diego Planning Office and represents the Pala-Pauma areas in reviewing proposed projects and their impact on the geographic area and the community. 


Bill looks forward to being a part of the PVCSD team and the people they serve.

Vice President Mike Esparza

Appointed:  January 2021  •  Term Expires:  December 2024 

Mike and his wife Tammy lived in the Riverside area before moving into their retirement home in Pauma Valley. They have two sons and one grandson.


Mike started his career at 20 years of age serving as a volunteer firefighter in the La Habra Heights Volunteer Fire Department. He then worked for the Los Angeles County Fire department before being hired as a full-time firefighter with the City of Riverside Fire Department. During Mike’s career with the City of Riverside, he promoted up the ranks from Firefighter to Interim Fire Chief. Amongst the many emergencies, he responded to in his career, two were historic, the World Trade Center collapse and Hurricane Katrina disaster.


Mike has volunteered as a youth mentor in several programs, including Youth Education Mentoring Program (YEMP) for middle school students, High School Business Academy, and Riverside Community College’s “Puente” program. He served as the Vice-Chair of the California State Board of Fire Services, Director on the State’s Office of Emergency Services FIRESCOPE Board, and on the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission Taskforce which addressed protecting Californians from wildfires. Mike graduated from Cogswell Polytechnical College with dual Bachelor degrees in Fire Administration and Fire Prevention Technology.


After retiring from the City of Riverside, he served as a Retired Annuitant, in the capacity of an Assistant Chief for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), Fire & Rescue Branch. His primary job with OES was to help coordinate the master mutual aid system at large scale fires, ensuring that mutual assistance is operating within the parameters in the California Fire Assistance Agreement.


Mike is grateful to live in this special community and appreciates the opportunity to contribute by serving on the Pauma Valley CSD

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Director/Treasurer Jim Cipriano

Appointed:  November 2020  •  Term Expires:  December 2024 

Jim and his wife, Elisa, have lived in Pauma Valley Country Club Estates for 18 years. During that time, Jim has been actively engaged in a wide variety of community activities, including several years as a member of the Board of Directors and President of HOA #1; seven years as a member of the Board of Directors and two-time President of the Pauma Valley Roadway Association; a founding member of the Board of Directors and officer of the Pauma Valley Fire Safe Council; and volunteering for a number of projects for both Pauma Valley Country Club and the Pauma Valley Community Services District. Additionally, Jim and Elisa played a leadership role in the funding and implementation of front-gate, rear-gate and grass median landscaping, lighting and beautification plans.


Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Kent State University, an M.B.A. in Banking and Investments from Indiana University, and was invited to serve a fellowship at the Glacier Institute of Management in Ruislip, England.


Jim began his professional career as Assistant to the President and Asst. Professor in the School of Business at California State Univ., Chico. Subsequently, he served for 22 years in senior management roles at Children's Medical Center, Northwestern Univ. Medical Center and Michael Reece Medical Center, all in Chicago. When Michael Reece Medical Center was sold to Humana, Inc. in 1991, Jim and Elisa retired to their home in Scottsdale where, for the next several years, they consulted with several not-for-profit organizations and managed the Endowment Fund and Corporate Communications Program for the Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped.


Jim and Elisa are individuals with a strong sense of community service and with a drive to enhance and maintain the quality of life of both Pauma Valley Country Club Estates and the entire Pauma Valley Community Services District.












Secretary Bill Schultz

Appointed:  March 2021  •  Term Expires:  December 2022 

Bill was previously on the Board for 4 years. Bill has lived in Pauma Valley for eight years and has been a member of Pauma Valley Country Club for 16 years. He is 78 years old, retired, and likes representing Pauma Valley to continue his wonderful lifestyle.

Bill has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Portland and completed many advanced business courses. He has 40 plus years selling critical care products to the hospital industry. That includes sales, sales management, product management, and vice president of sales. In the last 10 plus years, he had his own manufacturer representative business bringing new products to the medical industry.

After graduating from college, he worked for First National Bank of Oregon as a Management trainee then assigned as a branch officer. From there he moved back to his hometown of Springfield, IL, and was hired by IBM as a sales associate.  From there he was sent to New York City for a computer startup company called Transitel.  They were sold to Gould and he then joined Hudson Oxygen Co., based in Temecula. He covered NYC and New England and eventually was promoted to California.

Prior to living in Pauma Valley, he lived in Fallbrook and was on the Fallbrook Land Conservancy board and the Fallbrook Beautification Association. He is currently on the Terraces Board to help preserve his community.

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